Apologies for not notifying you about update to Wikidata.

--פוילישער 18:46, 30 יולי 2015 (UTC)

הויפט זײט/אנדערע שפראכןרעדאַקטירן

I don't understand what you have done to the languages list. It is quite difficult to read now and impossible to edit.

--פוילישער 19:26, 3 נאוועמבער 2015 (UTC)

פוילישער, I put in non-breaking spaces in certain places so that no language's entry would be broken up in the middle. But evidently that makes it too hard to understand, so I changed it back.

StevenJ81 (רעדן) 21:22, 3 נאוועמבער 2015 (UTC)

Thank you. Unfortunately some language names are two words so that did not always work.
If you have the patience you might like experiment with {{נישט וויקלען}} (nowrap).
Using the non breaking space character (sorry, I do not know how to write it in text) is complicated because of the rtl problem—the template {{שפייצן}} does the same thing while maintaining the inline flow. :-)

--פוילישער 22:24, 3 נאוועמבער 2015 (UTC)

At some point I'll give that a shot.

StevenJ81 (רעדן) 15:43, 4 נאוועמבער 2015 (UTC)

קאטעגאריע:באבעל -באניצער לויט שפראךרעדאַקטירן

What is the meaning of this category? It makes no sense to me. Do you know which piece of code generates it?

--פוילישער 22:47, 21 נאוועמבער 2015 (UTC)

It's generated by a Babel box if you use the parser function (#babel:) rather than the template (|באבעל). I don't know how easy a time you'll have changing that code.

שבוע טוב. StevenJ81 (רעדן) 23:45, 21 נאוועמבער 2015 (UTC)