This bot has been removing links from pages here to the Hebrew Wikipedia without explanation.

Please restore all these links. --פוילישער 22:43, 3 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Do you have an example? --Xqt 04:38, 4 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

See pages הויפט זייט/א' אב, הויפט זייט/ב' אב,הויפט זייט/ג' אב,הויפט זייט/ד' אב, etc --פוילישער 05:25, 4 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Thanks for reporting it. It seems that he-wiki hast its years in a separate namespace. This is the same as ar-wiki did few days ago. I'll check the bots log this evening and fix all the links (this will take some day). Thanks a lot. --Xqt 05:43, 4 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Thanks for your prompt reply. These pages are used solely for inclusion in the Main page. --פוילישער 05:46, 4 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

In this case I would prefer placing a {{nobots}} onto these subpages::--Xqt 06:02, 4 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
ok I see: template is missing. I'll create one this evening. --Xqt 06:05, 4 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
I did it just now as described. This should do the job. --Xqt 06:16, 4 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Redirects רעדאַקטירן

Thank you for fixing double redirects.

Please note that the form "#הפניה" is not Yiddish. Please use the preferred form "#ווייטערפירן"

--פוילישער 06:57, 26 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

This tag comes from a family file which is actualized from the given mediawiki localisation. I'll do some manual test (perhaps this evening if I've much more time) for this stuff and actualize it if needed. Thx for reporting this. Best regards. --Xqt 05:45, 27 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
Ok i've seen the default one here and I have fixed my bot now. I will inform the Python Wikipedia Robot Framework later. --Xqt 05:55, 27 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Thanks for your assistance. The other version is retained for backwards compatibility with the parent language (and to avoid glitches when translating articles). Regards. --פוילישער 12:18, 27 אויגוסט 2009 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Some of your bot edits are marked שינויים קוסמטיים. Where did you get this phrase from? (It isn't Yiddish, and I cannot locate its source.) --פוילישער 22:36, 5 נאוועמבער 2009 (UTC)

You are right. If bots doesn't find a translation for the actual wiki, it takes an other language. Here it looks for yiddisch translation first. If it doesn't found it it tries hebraic, then german and english at last. But if you could get me the yiddish translations for some messages, I am able to localize all other pywikibots. --Xqt 06:32, 6 נאוועמבער 2009 (UTC)
Happy to do so. What are the messages? --פוילישער 08:09, 6 נאוועמבער 2009 (UTC)

Ok, we can start :) We need translations for the following phrases:

Robot: Cosmetic changes = באט: קאסמעטישע ענדערונגען
cosmetic changes = קאסמעטישע ענדערונגען
Robot: Redirect target does not exist = באט: ווײַטערפֿירן ציל עקזיסטירט נישט

There are other bot scripts but they are not often used here. You can ask me for a special bot task or the implementation of a translation for that matter. Thanks in advance --Xqt 11:33, 6 נאוועמבער 2009 (UTC)

Done, above. Where are they implemented? I don't see them at --פוילישער 11:50, 6 נאוועמבער 2009 (UTC)
The translations are part of the botscripts. They are stored in the wikimedia repository. Your translations comes with

revision 7603. Thanks again. --Xqt 12:45, 6 נאוועמבער 2009 (UTC)

Stub templates רעדאַקטירן

I notice that your bot moves stub templates and puts them before the list of categories. In common with English WP, we have been putting the stub templates after the categories, so that the stub category appears last. Could you please fix the bot to reflect this ordering? Thanks. --פוילישער 14:44, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Hi, unfortunatelly this "common" sense does not reflect, how the bots is configurable yet. We can have interwiki on top or on bottom of the page, in one line or each item separately. We can have categories on top or on bottom of the page as well as after the interwiki links. You also may have a comment preleading interwiki links. But nobody thought about templates between categories and interwiki links. This is a feature request we could implement in future but we could not do it quick and hurry, so I am sorry for any delay to implement your request.

Best Xqt (שיחה) 16:03, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

feature request
added Xqt (שיחה) 16:15, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
Thank you. But I don't understand—are you saying that the bots on enwiki move the stub templates to the wrong place? If so, who moves them back? Regards --פוילישער 16:29, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
Maybe bot owners working at en-wiki have switched off cosmetic_changes and do not use other script using addtext at all. Maybe there is a patched version anywhere, but I have no knowledge of it. Regards. 16:53, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)
Could you list me your stub templates? Perhaps I find some time someday. Xqt (שיחה) 16:59, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
This is the current list.

{{שטומף}} {{אידישקייט-שטומף}} {{ביא-שטומף}} {{ביאלאגיע-שטומף}} {{בילדונג-שטומף}} {{געא-שטומף}} {{היסט-שטומף}} {{וויסן-שטומף}} {{חסידות־שטומף}} {{טעכ-שטומף}} {{יידישקייט-שטומף}} {{מאטעמאטיק-שטומף}} {{מוזיק-שטומף}} {{עסן-שטומף}} {{רב-שטומף}} {{שפראך-שטומף}} {{אייראפע-געא-שטומף}} {{אפריקע-געא-שטומף}} {{עקאנ-שטומף}}

--פוילישער 18:34, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
oO OMG Xqt (שיחה) 20:26, 11 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

gerrit:437175done done

Xqt (רעדן) 12:28, 12 יוני 2018 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]