Redirects in Yiddish Wikipediaרעדאַקטירן

Hi, a Yiddish translation for "#REDIRECT" was recently added to pywikipediabot. Since your bot adds Interwiki links to redirect pages [1], it would be very nice if you upgrade the bot (you use pywikipediabot, don't you?) to the latest trunk version. Thank you very much. – rotemlissTalk – sysop of Hebrew and Yiddish Wikipedias 11:38, 2 марта 2007 (UTC)

Also please update your bot in yiddish wikipeida it should always put English and then the Hebrew interwikis on top of list. thanksyi:User:יודל – sysop of Yiddish Wikipedia 12:38, 2 марта 2007 (UTC)