LA2 is the username for Lars Aronsson, Sweden. I don't speak Yiddish, I'm only adding interwiki links and such minor tasks.‎

In September-October 2007 I started to compile statistics on ISBNs for various languages, primarily those spoken around the Baltic Sea. I don't speak Russian, but I take it as a challenge to read through the Cyrillic letters and figuring out what the words mean. Since Yiddish is now also an "official minority language" in Sweden, I included it in my statistics. It turns out I can figure out what Yiddish/Hebrew letters mean in words such as "portal" and "literature" with very little difficulty. Apparently my web browser doesn't work perfectly with right-to-left languages such as Yiddish or Arabic. But I was still surprised to find almost no ISBNs in yi.wp. How can this be? Have the letters "ISBN" been translated to Yiddish/Hebrew?‎

I copied template:cite book and template:cite web verbatim from en.wp. This is not because I think "cite web" and "cite book" are good names for templates on yi.wp, but because existing articles already call these templates with these names - apparently because the entire citation was copied verbatim from the en.wp. By simply copying the templates here, I made existing citations visible. Someone could improve the situation by translating the necessary details to Yiddish.‎