This bot has just repeated the interwiki links to hewiki an a very large number of pages. Please reverse this action.--פוילישער 09:19, 27 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]

Ah. These pages mis-use the interwiki format, which is what caused the confusion. I'll clean it up, and try to do some testing to prevent that from happening again. -Avicennasis (SWMT) 05:53, 28 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
Many thanks!! --פוילישער 06:48, 28 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]
done Done - let me know if AvicBot acts up anymore. :-) -Avicennasis (SWMT) 09:39, 28 יוני 2012 (UTC)ענטפֿער[ענטפֿער]