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You use Google Translate since you don't actually know Yiddish (which gives horrible results), and Eurovision articles are nowhere near as important as you think they are. There are topics which should be available in as many languages as possible, and ones that are important to specific cultures where each language is spoken. These aren't among them and they only matter to specific audiences. Secular Yiddish speaker (talk) 06:52, May 26 2019 (UTC)

Ok. But pls don't delete from wikipedia thoes articles that i create before you tell me this.Esc Steven (talk) 06:56, May 26 2019 (UTC)

אני מבין שאתה מדבר גם עברית, באתחשב בעבודה שכשאני נכנס לדף המשתמש שלך, זה מוביל אותי למשתמשים שלך בוויקיפדיות האנגלית והעברית.Esc Steven (talk) 06:59, May 26 2019 (UTC)

I'm actually Israeli, but I'm more used to speaking, writing etc. in English. I learnt Yiddish as my third language, despite being an atheist and not fully Ashkenazi. One thing that interests me about it is how it uses the Hebrew alphabet and numerous words (mostly ones that have to do with "Jewish things"), except with different pronunciations. I'd rather not see full Hebrew on Yiddish talk pages (despite the connection). Secular Yiddish speaker (talk) 10:20, May 26 2019 (UTC)
Ok.Esc Steven (רעדן) 07:57, 26 מײַ 2019 (UTC)